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Karen Alexander

 I'm a huge believer in starting over, at any time in your life. I did and you can too.

To be successful I pushed aside painful experiences, I accepted bad behavior and blamed myself for not being good enough. I did the right things in life, I studied, owned and operated a successful business, married a handsome man and had two beautiful sons.

Everything looked perfect from the outside, but inside I was broken and longing for more. I was not living my life, or my passion. I made mistakes that cost relationships, business and peace of mind.

My life was falling apart, I was alone, in the middle of a divorce, buried in debt, a failing business, and fifty pounds over-weight. Going through each day was an ordeal.

My blood pressure and sugar count were dangerously high. My doctors were concerned for my health and well-being. 

On top of it all, I was also suffering with severe anxiety and depression. I couldn’t sleep, think clearly or eat properly. I wanted to change but I did not know how to begin.

Tired of the anxiety and lack of sleep, I began to walk, I started walking around my neighborhood, after a few weeks of walking, I felt better and began sleeping through the night. 

I continued to concentrate on my well-being, my entire life transformed, my blood pressure & sugar count became normal. I lost over forty- five pounds and have kept the weight off. I no longer need any medication my doctors are amazed by my test results.  

I experienced the joy of starting over, a second chance that allows me to help others identify & move through the pain in their life. I have been there and know the way to a life full of passion and success. 


I believe we need each other to create effective lifelong changes. I want to help you feel alive & experience all the exciting possibilities life has waiting for you.

After working with me, your energy will soar, your relationships, career, wellness and self esteem will improve. I am confident with my ability to help you, because at one point I was broken in all areas of my life. 

You are worthy of a life filled with inspiration, love and happiness. 

With over thirty two years of experience working with others, I have gained vast knowledge of leadership and motivational skills to help many reach success in career, health and relationships.

Trained by the coaches training institute. I research and train daily to improve my skills in order to help others thrive.


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