Coaching Excursions 

The healing power of nature 


 Nature has a profound impact on our brains and our behavior, helping us to reduce anxiety, stress and increase our attention capacity, creativity and our ability to connect socially with others.

I was aware of nature's strong healing and recuperation benefits, but I did not know the true power until I was very fortunate to experience the healing benefits in my own life.

I didn’t know the simple act of walking in nature would change my entire life. Through walking, hiking and nature, I found a way out of the darkness. A healthy way to release the pain, anger and the regrets that were holding me back from truly living a happy life.

Looking back at those dark times, the one thing I wish I had was a coach to speak with as I worked through my challenges…someone who has “been there” and who would come along side me as I began my healing journey.

That’s why I created a unique coaching service – where I encourage you to get out in nature - with me as your personal coach. Imagine taking a hike or a simple walk in the park with a trusted and safe coach walking along side you, attentively listening to you and gently guiding you into your new life.

It is an exciting and healing experience. All levels are welcome from beginners to advanced hikers. Call today to plan your personalized coaching excursion. 

Helping others find their happiness is my mission in life.



Fall into Happiness

Walking & Hiking Coaching Excursions


Walk away from your problems, release & energize your life.

Walking sessions with personalized rituals to help you let go of the barriers that are holding you back from reaching your goals.     

Lose weight ~ Feel great!

Tell your problems to take a hike:

Designed for my more adventurous clients. We begin to break through the difficulties in your life. Guided along the trail we discuss your vision and goals. Completing the hike feeling invigorated and ready to reach your goals. 

Discover a new path in life.


Customized Bay Area Excursions ~ Have fun and sight see while working through your challenges. 

Golden gate bridge Day break sessions ~ The bridge to life

Enjoy a breathtaking early morning walk across the Golden gate bridge, every step of the way we release what is holding you back, prepare yourself to receive, by mid span you have literally crossed over your past and walking into your future. 

We Leave it all on the bridge.

End this powerful session feeling lighter, walking into life with new skills to reach your goals.


Alcatraz walking tours ~ We are all prisoners of our own limiting beliefs.

We hold the keys to our freedom. We have the ability to release our fears, doubts and suffering, but we choose to stay stuck, blame others and limit our happiness.

Experience the feeling of life as a prisoner, release your struggles and walk away with your freedom and a new perspective to help you achieve your goals.

Freedom is the key to happiness.


Coastal Walks/ Hikes –

Invigorating walk or hike through the magnificent coastal trails.

Hiking through the spectacular coast of Northern California. Experience breathtaking views, soothing sounds of the ocean and the calming essence of nature.

 Feeling the powerful healing benefits of nature, your mind is clear, open and ready to embrace new &  exciting possibilities in your life.

Hiking & Walking excursions are created to fit your fitness level.

Call Today for pricing and schedule your customized coaching excursion. 





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