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Life is both giving & receiving 

Good Morning Karen:

You have been on my mind and heart, and I want you to know that I was so honored by your honesty and willingness to be forthcoming of your personal journey when we got to have a conversation. I know that this level of self reflection will be apparent in your writing and make significant difference in many lives.  I have interviewed people for years and years and, yes, everyone has a story; some, however, are truly astounding, and I recognize that I am in the presence of heroism.    Your intelligence, creativity, courage, discipline, commitment to those you love (I heard it when your speak of your children and your father), and the recognition of what you can change and what you can't (the Serenity Prayer), among many other characteristics, are remarkable.  And I keep returning to your astounding resilience.

Karen, I so believe that one of our responsibilities as a human being taking up space and air while we are on the planet is to determine why we are here at this time in history.  You and your book may well be a talisman for many, many others (women) struggling to make peace with their past so that they can focus on their present and create a different future (transformation).  You are a voice and vision for possibilities and light in the world, and the world needs both.

I (personally) am so glad that we met and  hope that this note finds you well and happy.

 Judy F. 


Book Review from Author Kate Evans.

This memoir feels like a compassionate, honest friend sitting down and telling you her life story--and how she came to crawl out of a life of addiction. The chaos that was her life was shielded by a persona of perfection. It all began with feeling as a girl like there was something fundamentally wrong with her, that other people knew the secrets of life that eluded her. I like that she talks about this because I think many addictions spring from a lack of self worth.

 And the theme of alcoholism's effects within a family are important. However, as much as she looks at various traumatic aspects of her life, she still takes full responsibility for her choices. She believes this is essential to getting and staying sober. That said, she believes we must be compassionate toward those with addictions, not judgmental.

I think this book can help people. I have read a lot of literary addiction memoirs that, while beautiful literature, might not reach the average person. This book speaks to a broad audience. It encourages to love ourselves, to honor our life force, and to know that we can fall out of addiction and into happiness.



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